UIUC Old Timers Thread

Class of '75 (but December '74. Could have been class of '69, but education got interrupted. Fan since Butkus and Grabowski. Tal Brody. Bunch of old timers I liked. Favorite places were Stan's, Dooleys, and, venturing out of campustown, Treno's. Deluxe Lunch anyone?
I will be 82 on the 15th of this month...I started following the Illini with Nick Weatherspoon and Nick Connor, but I didn't get season tickets until Bartow became coach and then maintained them until 1996 when I left the U of Illinois for a professorship in Tel Aviv
Woahhhh...If no one can beat this age, I feel like kisseber should win some kind of prize!! Depends or maybe a Life Alert? I kid I kid...It's awesome you're on here and you type much younger than your age!

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