Virginia 85, Texas Tech 77 OT

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Winged Warrior
Winged Warrior
Man, when you look back at that TT/UNLV debacle with Beard...that TT AD looks like a super genius now.
Virginia's the luckiest team ever.Should have lost it's last two games now.
Looks like maybe should have been an all B10 final. Course, MSU still needs to pull it our, but I think PU got the bad call at the end and would have beaten the "Bruce". Of but for the what ifs . . .
Still Buzzing over that ending. Bruce Pearlā€™s reaction was priceless. The game couldnā€™t have ended any better.

Feel bad for Auburn players. Nothing against them and thatā€™s a tough way to lose.
I am thrilled to see the great Satan lose. I am even happier that it happened because of a missed call. Bad things happen to bad people.
I hope we can get to a point where we can beat Kansas, NC and Kentucky in a row....that would be a great year for Illini
I'd like to see a Big 10 champion but I've got a bad feeling about Izzo's boys. They're gonna need a second wind or something.
Did we recruit Mooney? I know he bounced from AF academy to Dakota...and eventually to TT. Tough kid from Niles Notre Dame...
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