Week 13 Games



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Week 13 news & games thread

Friday, November 24th

Iowa at Nebraska
11:00am CT - CBS

Penn State vs Michigan State (Detroit)
6:30pm CT - NBC

Oregon State at Oregon
7:30pm CT - FOX

Saturday, November 25th

Ohio State at Michigan
11:00am CT - FOX

Indiana at Purdue
11:00am CT - BTN

Wisconsin at Minnesota
2:30pm CT - FS1

Maryland at Rutgers
2:30pm CT - BTN


Land O Insects between Quincy-Macomb-Jacksonville
Congrats to Camp Point Central on their first state title.


Herndon, VA
Iowa has Nebby right where they want them: tied at ten, 4th quarter clock winding down, and Nebby just missed the go ahead field goal.
Good grief, how does Iowa do this so consistently this year?


Arlington, Virginia
Ia Nb game is something else. They have to be the luckiest team in college football.
Without doubt. And the Nebraska clock operator failed to turn on the clock around 1:30 for ~ 10 seconds, which turned out )perhaps) to give Iowa the opportunity to win in regulation.

I've never seen a less impressive 10-2 team. Hope they get absolutely demolished in the BT title game.


Land O Insects between Quincy-Macomb-Jacksonville
Wilmington wins the 2A State Title (Sorry to our Loyalty member from Athens :( ).

Next us is the 3A title game between Byron and (Downstate) Mt. Carmel featuring Illini PWO Blayne Sisson.


Arlington, Virginia
I've been watching college football for five decades but selectively, I'll admit, and with a long gap during the '90s. This Iowa situation fascinates me. Has a 10-2 team from a power conference and ranked in the Top 20 ever effectively fired its OC, let alone done so more than two games before the end of the season? The disparity between the Iowa offense and defense on a success-adjusted basis must be nearly historic.
They said after the game that no team with a winning record has ever had the worst offense by numbers. One other team was as bad but they had a losing record. It is strange.


Herndon, VA
And look at miznoz doing a number on Arkansas.
That guy Schrader for miznoz is fun to watch, I must say. Good story.
Can we please NOT be Nebby tomorrow?

Nebraska's main Offensive identity is turning the ball over. All season long they have played scared -- and in particular, scared of touching the football. The Big Red for Husker fans now means fans getting Red-in-the-face from anger... or excess weeping. Sad for a great fan base.

Playing scared is playing to lose. It's more fun to play to win and have fun while doing that. Too many coaches and teams seem to forget that.