Week 2 Games

EIU lost today at Bowling Green 38-15. Final score isn't indicative of the effort the Panthers gave as they were within a couple TDs of the Falcons until late in the 3rd quarter. Good showing for EIU against a MAC school.

EIU's record falls to 1-1 with their home opener set for next Saturday as they welcome ISU to Charleston for the 111th edition of the Mid-America Classic. Kick-off is set for 2:00 PM with the game airing on ESPN+. The Panthers will be looking for their first win over the Redbirds since 2016 and their first win in Charleston against their rivals since Jimmy Garoppolo's senior year back in 2013.


The desert
Oregon is trailing at Texas Tech, Texas up on Alabama, Wazzu up on Wisconsin. Perhaps our sky is not the only one falling.
Those are all peer matchups. We barely beat a mid-major and got murdered (despite the score) by a school with a similar historical profile to our own, i.e., not s football power.

Our sky isn't falling if only because it hasn't really been "up" since the 90s.
I feel this is a good time to introduce the term “to Coug it” to the Illinois audience. To Coug it is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, often in the most spectacular fashion possible.