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Try this again in the correct place....

It seems Illinois voters are quite satisfied being at the top of nearly every list of the worst places to work and live.

Democrats score big wins in Illinois

The way Republicans got their clocks cleaned by House Speaker Michael Madigan Tuesday, it’s safe to say the GOP’s nose-thumbing “Fire Madigan” mantra of the fall campaigns didn’t work out so well.

Not only did the House speaker and chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois pick up seven seats in the House, his counterpart — Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) — used a legislative map they both approved to pluck five seats from Republicans.
“I think it certainly gives more power to Madigan and Cullerton, but how they handle it remains to be seen,” Cross said.

The numbers also raise the possibility that Mayor Rahm Emanuel could go around Quinn on an array of issues — from a city casino to pensions to a change in state law changing the face of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, with whom the mayor and governor tangled last week — by cutting his own deals with Madigan and Cullerton.
Only in Illinois do you reward those who managed your state into bankruptcy with the freedom to do anything they please.
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