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Guns aren't going anywhere unless there is a complete enlightening for all of mankind. I also agree with Dayton that civilians having guns help with checks and balances even though the military has better weapons. I have never been scared living in my city, state, or country but a few days before this election when I was hearing extreme views from military along with govt had me a little nervous about my safety ever. I'm over it and shouldn't of let radicals get to me.

I just want to point out that I'm not anti anything even if my views might lead you to believe that. Color, religion, social status, political beliefs or lol, sports affiliation have no bearing to me on if I will like a person. Nowadays it's if I can judge you from being good or evil.

Dayton off topic but why is milk going be 6 bucks a gallon? I've heard manufacturers pour out milk to keep supply limited so prices don't go down because of a surplus of the product.
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