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Brandon Lloyd: Financing his future

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It is at the bottom of the page and is about 4 minutes of video. Hope link works, not very computer savvy.

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Thanks for sharing. He represents the Illini well!
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He does, and it's a particularly nice contrast to the article about player suicides that ESPN ran.

The world of athletic competition is one of perpetual highs and lows. You will feel great one week after a win and feel heart broken the next week. You could be starting for a team in the NFL, have your coach get fired, and find yourself looking for a new job. While it's something we will all have to deal with in our lives as people seeking self fulfillment it is even more apparent when your athletic career requires such emotional investment. I think financial security is the one thing players overlook when they are such talented individuals.

A lot of athletes that come from poor backgrounds/families have never seen a check that big(or that much money period). It is a shame that it can lead to such burnout. Combine that with injuries, and you have a very tough career path laid ahead of yourself as an athlete hoping to go pro. I have always felt like being a competitive athlete(not even good necessarily, just talented) requires a whole different mindset from you normal college graduate looking to build themselves up. So much respect for a guy who has "been there and done that" to try to teach the up and comers to plan for life, not the pros. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Brandon Lloyd himself had financial troubles early on in his days after playing for us.
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I really thought he would make more of a splash in NE.
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We needs more ex-players like Brandon to be more involved with rebuilding Illini football. Pay it forward kinda thing. Illinois help you to become a success, now come help us with our program.
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Originally Posted by ILLbill View Post
I really thought he would make more of a splash in NE.
Brady has admitted not targeting him enough. But when you have Gronk, it may be hard to see Brandon behind him!

Things have improved the last couple of games.
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