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    Virginia 85, Texas Tech 77 OT

    The four elite eight games were all fantastic! This weekend was generally pretty good, and really made up for a fairly blowout-heavy first weekend. Looking forward to the final four — and, I can't resist bragging that I totally called it.
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    Georgetown 88, Illinois 80 POSTGAME

    I woke up at 3:30 AM to watch the second half from Italy and thought we looked good, despite the loss. The defensive intensity and pace of the team were awesome when we stretched out a bit of a lead. Obviously we have some things to work on in the halfcourt game when things tightened up the last...
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    Illini Volleyball 2018

    Tough loss for the ladies. I just watched the replay and we had things rolling through middle of the 2nd set, but started making mistakes and the Badgers took advantage!
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    Illini Volleyball 2018

    Awesome start, especially knocking off UW on their home turf! I'll be back in town for the opening weekend of games at Huff, can't wait to see the team in action.
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    D1 Hockey at Illinois

    Having become a pretty regular follower of the Sharks this year, I'm all aboard the hockey bandwagon. Super fun, constantly exciting game to watch, at least at the pro level. Would love to have an Illini team to cheer on!
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    Paint the Hall Chief

    Unless things have changed since 2013, there's never been a rule against Krush members wearing Chief things. Illini Pride board members, though, did have that rule when working as "Krush Helpers" since we were acting as sort of University/DIA representatives in that capacity.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

    We tripled our score between 12 and 10 minutes left. If we keep tripling our score every 2 minutes, we'll score about 43 million points and probably win.
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    New Mexico State 74, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    We're a long way from end of season, so I don't know that looking at end of season ranking compared to current ranking this year is a great metric. Another option might be worst-case during any year (can only do this back to around 2011). Lowest KP ranking before any game by season, last 5...
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    Chicago Cubs 2017 Season

    Historically, just winning one has been the toughest proposition! Of the 36 series to date where a team has gone down 0-3, here's the breakdown of results: Lost 0-4: 27 teams (75%) Lost 1-4: 6 teams* (17%) Lost 2-4: 2 teams (6%) Lost 3-4: 0 teams Won: 1 team (3%) Or, if you want to look at it...
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    Hugh Hefner has passed away

    Looks like I'll be making a pilgrimage to Bunny's Tavern next time I'm in Chambana!
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    Best ride to UIUC

    I'm still pretty fond of the orange Illini-mobile in my avatar to the left, even though it'd be a pretty long drive to a home game!
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    Illini Volleyball 2017

    Great to see a 6-0 start! Next weekend's matches will be fun. Stanford's obviously a very dangerous team; I wonder if our ladies will get a boost from their familiarity with Hambly's typical coaching decisions, if Kevin will try to throw in a lot of different looks to prevent that, or if...
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    2016-17 Illini Golf

    As much as it's a bummer to go out in match play, it's always one of the most entertaining days of the year for this Illini fan. Pretty cool to be in match play so consistently and a testament to a great program, coach, and consistently great players.
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    2016-17 Illini Golf

    He almost holed out his chip on 16. Boy would that have been big.
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    2016-17 Illini Golf

    TV guys were saying he'd get relief from a permanent obstruction, which I assume means no extra strokes.