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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

    He's that sold on UK, huh?
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    The 2005 team ended up losing Brian Randle early in the year, and he would likely have been the 6th man. Other than the starting 5 and Randle, the team used Nick Smith, who just didn't work well within the team or the scheme, Jack Ingram, who admittedly had a great NCAA tournament, and Rich...
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    The officials strike again. Your hard drive fouled out before the game ended.
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    Next do a replay of the 2005 championship, except this time let's see what happens if Augustine gets to actually play in the game.
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    NCAA Tournament Bracketology

    Based on today's SOR ( , here would be the B1G seedings: Maryland - 2 MSU - 3 Wisconsin - 4 Ohio State - 5 PSU - 6 Illinois - 6 Iowa - 6 Michigan - 6 Rutgers - 8 Indiana - 8 Purdue - 12 / Last 4 in EDIT...
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    NCAA Tournament Bracketology

    The entire body of work matters here, and unfortunately the Illini's efforts prior to the first Michigan game were effectively disastrous. Their best non conference result was winning at Grand Canyon. Incidentally, a good measure of where Illinois currently is in the bracket seeding is by...