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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Most of us are hoping that Lovie gets us to the expected bowl team, and then we'll be competing for recruits and kicking A. ......Speed is the Key!!!
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    Ayo Dosunmu: MRI showed no structural damage

    Illini Nation Loves their student athletes. We will always have their backs. Thank You Ayo for giving us the opportunity to watch you play the game. Come back soon.
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    Illinois 59, Minnesota 51 POSTGAME

    Can't Wait! Enjoy the streak
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    Hayden Fry passes away at 90

    We would have loved Hayden coaching our team. Class guy, and a great coach.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Oh Bob, Oh Bob
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (December 2019)

    Thank You Adam Miller for giving us hope
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    Why do I torture myself being an Illini fan for football and basketball. My toes are still froze from the football game, and this is not warming them up
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

    Kofi has been open 3 times under the basket and we dribble around without even noticing. We are not very smart. You can't fix stupid!!
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    As much as I would like to praise you for your Illini Loyalty ( as I feel the same way ), today felt weird. I have season tickets, no big deal, but my 3 boys and myself have always gone to the last game of the year. Today was different because instead of dragging my boys to the game, ( we always...
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    My toes are still froze from hanging in there thinking the coaching staff would adjust and try something new. We are not very good!!
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Saturday, November 30th, 11:00am CT, FS1

    Any true fan that's close enough will be there for the Seniors. I drive 340 round trip and enjoy every mile, win or lose. Not trying to make that a big deal, but challenging the Illini faithful. ( Note: I believe that we are number " 1 " when it comes to fandom ).
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    Iowa 19, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    Hey we are back. We didn't have our "A" game today, and still had opportunity's to win the game, this shows how far we have come. We ran the ball on one of the best defense's in the country.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    If your going to go for it, why use up your timeouts. Dumbest coaching move I have ever seen.