2017 Basketball Transfer Thread

if he was so good for Charlotte how come he never played? Thorne was a 2-year starter for them while this guy was a career backup.
People have been "cut" from teams to end up being good, so talent isn't always apparent #1 and also schemes can make a player or vice versa? Or maybe he is simply bad, but players that can play right away, and with this size...either way are hard to come by...sorry but I stick by my analysis, mostly because I never thought Thorne was really any good or of help to us.:chief:
No longer available......

Seven-foot center Benas Griciunas from UNC Charlotte will spend his senior season as a graduate transfer at Eastern Washington University and play for Shantay Legans, the new EWU head men's basketball coach announced Thursday (May 25).
Thank you didn't see that....another one off the books..
Me too, but not sure McIntosh is interested in us, he has friends in Minnesota . Not to say we don't have shot, and maybe he has seen things he likes with us, since Alstork has landed.:illinois:
Minnesota is already loaded and most likely pre-season #2 in B1G.

I think everyone except Springs is back and they add a couple guys who played in Jordan Brand Classic game.

I'm not sure they have an opening but adding McIntosh would help. Of course if playing time is indeed a concern, Minnesota isn't a great situation for McIntosh with Lynch, Coffey, Murphy and Curry there.
Mario Kegler of Miss. State has asked for his release. Missouri and Oklahoma State are mentioned as destinations. Outstanding PF.
Also add Eli Wright from Miss. State to transfer list. Underwood knows Eli from his Ok. State days. Hmm!!
Kegler was a 4* player coming out of high school, played at Oak Hill Academy. Will be interesting to see if BU goes after him.
CU Expat

Georgetown graduate transfer Akoy Agau expected to decide as early as today, sources told ESPN. Maryland and SMU appear to be the favorites.
Agau looking unlikely.
Longer it goes, more I worry. Have no problem with playing 4 guards when they have size, but need another big. Hope our ace recruiters have a planB and C.
Baltimore, MD
going to be hard for us not to come off as thirsty now, considering that we are extremely parched in reality
Los Angeles
Maybe bigs don't want to play for a coach who can not coach defense. I am worried that Mctintosh realizes he may need to play some minutes at 5 here and don't like that
Uh, ok... care to provide support against all four coaches on staff for that? Coach O, specifically, would like a word.
Well, it's starting to look more and more likely that we're going to end up being in a tough spot for this upcoming season in regards to bigs because we're running out of both options and time at this point. The playing time angle clearly hasn't been enticing enough thus far. Hopefully this staff can pull something out because we're going to have a rough go of it in the Big Ten without a true center and only two bigs.