Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

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That would have been an interception with replacement refs.
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YAY! We held them under 30!
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I think Purdue is on pace for 750 yards or so....think it's time to go out and mow some more lawn...later boys.
Need to start the second half with a Rivers air attack.
Defense is really bad. Coaches know (hopefully) that the defense is really bad. At 23-7 you still have a chance in the second half, albeit a small one. At 30-7 this team is cooked. With all of that known already - why did they not run more clock on the last offensive drive and make sure you go into the half down at most 23-7?

That is what I am most disappointed with from the worst half of Illinois football we have seen this season.
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Only to those with that just Purdue mentality. I honestly think blough is just lights out or this game is probably 12-7 us right now
Honestly, our D is helping him play lights out. Just seem to always be out of position on coverage.
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Slough is 16/21 for 280 and 2 TDs in a half and everyone saw it coming. How could new blitz packages or literally anything to try to create pressure have resulted any worse?
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We shot ourselves in the foot with dropped / missed passes. This should still be a close game if we didn't make so many big mistakes.
we only have 39 rushing yards. What the hell?
Your OC coached Arizona against us in the bowl. Holt took the run away and allowed Khalil Tate to have whatever he wanted through the air. That was always gonna be his approach today
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