Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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This wasn't too hard to do... if he reads this board, he has my permission to use this edit as the official announcement.
Born skeptic here, but if Ayo and Kofi happen to return, with what we have coming in and a healthy BBV, I believe you are looking at a team that is a strong candidate for National Championship. I will be putting down some rubles on the Illini in Sept if that plays out.
Anyone know when Kofi recently removed "UIUC '23" from his IG bio?
(and yes, I currently have nothing better to do lol)
If Ayo and Kofi do return this is what we will see for a line up I think:
1. Trent
2. Ayo
3. Miller
4. Hutch
5. Kofi

I really can’t see any other starting line up. Miller will start no doubt. Curbelo and Damonte will be first off the bench.
On is his defense?
From my experience, your two cents are worth a hell of a lot more than two cents. I appreciate your insights.
I feel a lot better than my 35% last week or 2 weeks ago. Was told 50/50 now on him coming back. Still thinks he stays in if he is told by a team that they are taking him in the second round but that is looking less and less likely with no workouts possible.
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