Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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With the news yesterday about "voluntary workouts" on June 1st, shouldn't we expect any potential 2020 commits by then?
Our staffing apparently backing off Brown appears to corroborate the interpretation of Ayo's re-pinning. Namely, he's coming back. Exciting if true, and probably the best option if Ayo is projected to be at best mid-second round. There are no guarantees the NBA or any Euro league will open next year, and Euro may be off limits due to travel restrictions. Even if there is no NCAA season next year, he would still have room & board covered, plus, presumably, access to facilities, coaching, trainers, etc. to improve his game. Seems like the safer play.
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Illinois will be in Destin, Fla. for the Emerald Coast Classic this year, along with Florida, Iowa State and Oregon.
The event will take place on Nov. 27-29.

Anyone heard any update on the status of this tournament?
following this. looking at attending if things fall into place
Barring an injury, I don't see how another year really hurts Ayo. Sure he's a year older, but bumping that 3 pt percentage up any amount would instantly boost his stock. I think if he can show a little more distribution skills too, he could easily be a first rounder with all the tools he already has.

Playing with the kind of talent Curbelo and Miller bring should only help that (not to mention everyone else being a year older). Don't see this team not in the top 15 by the end of the year with Kofi + Ayo back (sans injuries). I also think that kind of talent on this team would be such a boost to recruiting... but that's a lengthy tangent.

Definitely reading between the lines and connecting some fuzzy dots, but his twitter profile changes, our spring 2020 recruiting, COVID issues, and the fact his stock has been steady or dropping since last years draft time leads me to believe this is an outcome that isn't even close to a pipe dream. No insider info, just ready for sports and ready for Illini basketball to be enjoyable again.
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I like your thinking but need your brand of scotch.

Was interesting that BU (interview Illinois Nation 100) said the biggest change required by Hawkins was not skills but body development. If they come in June, Fletch can do a lot. Also said excellent bb IQ and passer. Think there needs to be a three man rotation with Kofi and Giorgi and would be ecstatic if he is it. Don’t remember the poster that said Hawkins would make an impact immediately but sure hope he is right.
I favor 18 year old Glenlivet, thanks for asking!
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I gave you the alley oop here, and you slammed it home. Nice work.
Ayo's stage was stolen, and there is still unfinished business.

Yeah, lotta hardship from the situation. I admire guys who dig in and deal with adversity though. I'm happy with the roster as it stands, but having a leader like Ayo back would take us up another notch or two. Pinch me in a couple months --this seems a bit unreal.
Man I hope Ayo is back. So many reasons to stay. He has been so adamant about going pro though. I just don't know.
Everything Ayo does that's public I trully believe there's a reason behind it. There's a reason yesterday he repinned that unfinished business video. There's a reason he added the hashtag. There's a reason he's blanked his cover photo and removed the hashtag in his bio.

Not saying he's coming back because of all this, but it seems like a weird series of moves to make if he was announcing staying in the draft. But maybe I'm reading way to much into it.
Guards: Ayo, Frazier, Miller, Curbelo
Wings: Damonte, Hutch, Grandison
Wings/bigs: BBV, Hawkins
Bigs: Kofi, Georgi

I like that team a lottttt, especially when able to go small. If BBV or Hawkins pops, we will (knock on wood) be incredibly deep and flexible.
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Looks like he removed #unfinishedbusiness and his cover photo is now black.
He obviously reads this board and is messing with everyone. Next he's going to put up a picture of him wearing a White Sox shirt, and you're all going to assume he's decided to play professional baseball instead.
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