Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Welllllll to continue this otherworldly saga, it seems like Miami twitter (fans and writers etc) to include their beat writer for The Athletic are reporting Jeff Thomas is/might be going back. I feel like this is almost trolling. Mind you this could have all stemmed from the Miami HC tweeting out a GIF of Prince throwing up a four. Here is the quote:

Told by #UM source these tweets are about WR Jeff Thomas. I want to believe he’s back on the team, but considering how wishy-washy things have been on his end over time, let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic this means he’s on the team. Once Miami announces, consider it real
And from Werner:

Despite what Jeff Thomas told @BobAsmussen last night, there still was some doubt inside the Illini program about whether he’d actually arrive and enroll.

An odd roller coaster of a saga for sure, but kinda what you sign up for when pursuing Jeff Thomas.
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Nothing from Bob A yet ... but I’m surprised Lovie is giving JT this many chances ... he didn’t give McCray or the other WR decommit even a second chance

I’m over this saga :-(

Let me also add, the UM coach tweets seem to indicate he gone.
Don’t buy much stock into what Jeff says.
I agree here. Unfortunately, for this kid his talent has always earned him a free pass and he hasn’t been blessed with any sort of support system to help him understand that eventually he will have to answer for misleading people and “the system” only wants what they can get out of him and when they are done they have no use for him. I feel Lovie and staff would have(will???) help this young man learn accountability and provide him with the tools and lessons to be a responsible adult. Everyone keeps talking about him needing to get to the NFL to make money. He is NOT that talented that the NFL is a guarantee because they just don’t invest in off the field risks like they use to. He seems like a risk to me just from reading the little I have read about this saga.

Not surprising, sounds like Miami is still the “U” and only cares about winning football games in the way they have handled this.

Time to give him the ultimatum. Show up and be accountable or the door is closed permanently.
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