Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

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In regards to 2018 scholarships...

A lot can happen over the next year.

1. Someone can realize they aren't going to get the playing time they want and decide to tranfer.
2. The coaching staff could kindly tell one of the players that they may be better off transferring
3. Someone could become homesick/have family issues that cause a transfer.
4. Black or Finke could be Grad transfers.
5. One of the Juniors that didn't reshirt could graduate in 3yrs and be a Grad tranfer.
6. Someone could get in trouble and get kicked off the team.

With all the transfers over the last 5-10yrs nothing would surprise me. I trust that the coaching staff will be more tuned in to all of this!
It is also likely at this point we don't fill all 4 open scholarships or fill 1 or more with 5th yr seniors which effectively rolls the scholarship to 2018
McBride was huge in high school, a Springfield legend. He was a good college player, but was never the superstar that followed his early hype.
McBride was a typical example of someone who had matured earlier compared to peers. He was projected as a superstar as a freshman in HS, but progressively the hype died down by Sr. year. Still a highly ranked player, but he had a consistent decline even before he got to UI.
Recently went back and watched video on Da'Monte Williams. When healthy, he is really, really, really, really good. I mean REALLY good. Little doubt he will show the world why he was ranked Top 50 at one point and I, for one, can't wait to see it!
My mom has always said that I was the #1 recruit in her eyes, and they never even once tried to pull me from the stands and sub me into a game. So maybe not the biggest disappointing player, but definitely one of the biggest recruiting misses.
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