Old Timers Thread

Castle Pines, Colorado
Good point, I sat out a year after having a kid, so '81 became my senior year. Thankfully since it was a really fun basketball season and marked the beginning of Illinois being a force once again in hoops. I was also at the 0-0 tie with Northwestern, as well as Bear Bryant's last game in the Liberty Bowl.
I was at those last two games, too. Been to a few I wish I could forget and those are right near the top. Although I'd been going to Illini games for at least eight or nine years by the fall of 1978, that was opening day of my freshman year as a real UI student. Hot and awful. And while it was cool to be at the Bear's last hurrah, seeing Eason go down three times, Kris Jenner come in for him three times and Jeremiah Castille intercepting him three times was more than I cared to see.