Pregame: Illinois at Maryland, Saturday, December 7th, 4:00pm CT, ESPN2

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Illinois at Maryland
Saturday, December 7th
4:00pm CT

At least we won’t come out sleep walking against Maryland. It’s hard to be optimistic after tonight’s embarrassment, but we have enough talent to give them a good game if we play well. So far we’ve only seen flashes of that. Should we start a #FreeTevian campaign for the Maryland game at least?
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What else is on TV on that day and time?

But, I think we fight.
After seeing how MD completely dominated Markus Howard and Marquette, I think that ILL surprise them and win by ten (85 - 75).

Most of the margin will be FTs in the final two minutes though.
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Maryland has looked beatable in most of their games. This game will tell us a lot about the team. Do we come out hungry after a tough loss, or come out flat again?
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I'd like to see us bring at least 2 timeouts into the second half. That would be improvement.
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Maybe this is the game we put two halves together. Take the first half of AZ and the second last night, and we hang with anyone...or we just hang ourselves with the opposite halves of either game.

It would be crazy to expect a win, but after last night, I expect a lot more intensity and to push MD.
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I don't think playing a couple of cupcakes in a row did us any favors in how we started the night. If Underwood can get our guys to play like we did in the second half for a full game, then I think we can hang with anyone and be that top 25 team we all imagined ourselves being at the start of the year. Tough loss given who we have coming up on the schedule (Maryland, Michigan).

Edit - Retro beat me to it.
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A good Barometer for us against Maryland will be how well ND does against them.
A good Barometer for us against Maryland will be how well ND does against them.
it will be another data point in a small sample of non-cupcakes MD has played; but it won't answer the jekyl/hyde personality flaw we have shown in our small sample size of non-cupcakes.
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I ain’t nothing but a fan. But I am already in panic mode. I really hope we keep improving and claw our way to tourney caliber
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A good Barometer for us against Maryland will be how well ND does against them.
agreed....I want to watch that game before I make my mind up on what our chances are against them...I keep thinking to the MSG game against them when we were supposed to have no chance of victory.....there have been too many upsets this year to at least think maybe, possibly, hopefully, magically we can keep our opponent in front of us on defense and maybe, possibly, etcetc, we can start the game with a heartbeat instead of flatlining as we have numerous times...

And please save 1-2 timeouts for the end of the game...who knows, we might need to call a timeout to set up a play for KOFI DOWN LOW TO WIN A GAME !!
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