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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
rbachhuber's Scholarship Grid: (updated 12/10/2016) [link]

Signed NLI with Illinois
Javon Pickett (2017 G, committed January 16, 2016)
Da'Monte Williams (2017 G, committed February 28, 2016)
Jeremiah Tilmon (2017 C, committed July 11, 2016)
Trent Frazier (2017 PG, committed August 21, 2016)
New year, new thread. Good time for some gratitude for the man behind the curtain. Thanks for all your efforts Dan.

Question re Pickett: is the listing as a guard accurate? Thought with his height he might be a SF?

Pretty much liking the Smith possibility a lot. With him and Damonte and Frazier, and Lucas only a year ahead of them, it seems the most glaring offensive problem during Groce's era may be "fixed": ballhandling. If Pickett can also handle well that would be fabulous.

Now, about the defense, ...

Happy New Year and Go Illini.

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