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Fever- It cracks me up that you get attacked for your negative Weber comments and then get attacked for not going after Weber in a public setting. I guess you just can't win. :laugh: I guess you aren't as classless as others think that you are. :laugh:

I for one was a Weber supporter until this season and I have never been offended by any of your comments. Sometimes people just don't like to hear the truth.
I know. But here's the deal--it doesn't have a thing to do with Weber for the objecting posters. It has to do with animosity toward me. I get that. But it's pretty ridiculous when people actually try to suggest a rationale. They certainly wouldn't want me to eviscerate Bruce in public, but they try to make some sort of bizarre case that this is what consistency requires.

I've never lost sight of the forest for the trees with Bruce Weber. To me, he has been a diseased tree, probably from the outset, but concealed in a denser forest and so protected. But his weakness was exposed as the forest thinned and the protective cover diminished. His bizarre and self-revelatory behavior this past season and miserable job of managing his team, was the wind gust needed to topple him. He's been the same weak tree all along, but many didn't see it, didn't recognze, or were unwilling to acknowledge,the tell tale signs, until it was beyond obvious.

Those who so wanted him to be great and lead the program to greatness, are disappointed, many embarrassed, and they are ready to shift their anger to other places.

I'm a ready target for the most vitriolic former disciples. When the person to whom you've tied your philosophical wagon is proven a fraud, it's disconcerting and easier to look for a target than to man up and admit you were dead wrong about that person. I don't have that problem, as I've always recogized Weber as a coach who is badly lacking and incompetent to run a major D-1 program.

What I find incredible is that another program was willing to gamble such outrageous money to roll the dice with this guy. We pay through the nose, ears, eyes, and mouth to get rid of the guy, and somebody else antes up to let him try his hand with them. Go figure.

I think K-State will rue the day.
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