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Yeah, this is probably more detail than HoC let on in the past, when he actually had sources who saw practice regularly and heard things around the program. Now that the fallout has been replaced with rainbows and unicorns, it's alright to look back and think how far we had fallen.

That said, there's still time for this baby to go awry, but I'm content to enjoy 13-1 while I can.

A guy I work with who's not a big college basketball guy but whose son went to Illinois told me today how great Abrams looked and how good of a game it was. I think the positive vibe is spreading outside of Champaign, and you can see it from the 18k+ that showed up Saturday.
You just have to watch the games to see the difference, it's so obvious.

Especially the last few games where other teams have taken away most of the easy 3 point shots, .

Instead of being a live by the 3 die by the 3 team and losing, we're winning by improving our mid-range and drives to the basket to get fouls.

That's a heckuva lot more fun for us and the players than watching a team pass the ball around the perimeter and launch a prayer as the shot clock winds down.

As we get better at the inside the arc offense, the 3 point shots will come back. Then we become a REAL tough team to beat.
Who gives a crap about last season?
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