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Hugh Jorgen
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1. The University of Illinois has LOTS of fans who are professional marketers, because they critique every promotion that DIA tries.

We aren't. And neither are the people pointing out the awkward promotion on national sites like Deadspin and Yahoo.

No, but the people at Deadspin and Yahoo are of a profession that sadly enough promotes negative ideas, incidents, and more often than not does it by spreading incorrect and untruthful information before finding out the truth behind matters. And yes, I was in journalism once...left it because I couldn't stand the common practices of the profession and the tendency of my peers to strive to turn everything into a news worthy item by twisting facts and highlighting the most negative incidents taking place.

2. Pederasty is apparently best practiced in front of 16000 people and a national tv audience.

Missing the point entirely.

He is only in your opinion...

3. I can no longer call any of my children my valentine, let alone hug them after one of the greatest triumphs of my career, because it's apparently creepy.

Missing the point entirely.

At this point, I fear you too are missing his point entirely...

4. I will never understand the need to seek out the negative.

Missing the point entirely. Illini fans aren't seeking it out. It's being pointed out by national media like Deadspin and Yahoo.

It's not about how we perceive it. We know what it is and what was intended. It's a great picture. It doesn't mean it was a good idea to use it in that context. The people in marketing at UI need to have an awareness of what they are sending out to the public and in this case, as innocent as we know the image is, they completely dropped the ball. In this world you cannot simply worry about what you like. You have to imagine how the outside world will perceive it. You have to anticipate feedback both positive and negative. Ball = dropped
I agree with you, CHL, in that everyone should error on the side of caution when it comes to emailing, texting, posting, marketing anything...anticipating how it could be perceived by others.

But still, at some point you also have to realize that there are people out there who are literally looking for anything to raise a red flag about...and if you tried to compensate for their sensitivity, then nobody could do anything. To most people I have talked to, this is being blown WAY out of proportion and taken completely out of context by those in the media who make a living out of making a scene of things. To me, that is what's wrong and the idiots in the media are the ones who should be lambasted over this.
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