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Hugh Jorgen
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If you are to be a power player maybe so but i think Rodney Williams proved you can play and be tall and very thin. He is 6'7'' and 206. I think he could play for us anytime he wants to transfer! lol I hope Colbert is wirey strong and aggressive to the ball like Williams is.
6' 7" and 206-210 is not that thin for a small forward, which is what Rodney Williams primarily is except for in special situations where fouls or match-up problems dictate a shift in personnel.

Colbert is as thin at JuJuan Johnson was at this same point in his career.
Basically 6'10" and 190-195 lbs. Could he turn out like Johnson?
Absolutely...but Johnson thrived because of his midrange and even extended perimeter jumper coupled with a rare ability for big men in being able to put the ball on the floor and drive to the basket.

Still, Johnson really struggled against other true bigs who were relatively close to the same skillset as he.

Hopefully it will be a moot point and Colbert packs on some muscle to add to his solid skillset.
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