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Hugh Jorgen
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The games I have seen Simeon play on espn, I would hope Nunn tightens up his handle before he gets to Champaign. I like him and his athletic ability, but it won't mean anything if he can't handle the ball and limit his TO's.
I've noticed the same watching the ESPN games, but in the dozen or so AAU games I've watched he had zero issues with his ballhandling and passing. I've heard from some pretty solid sources in Chicago that Simeon is a very difficult place to play for some guys due to their depth, rotation philosophy, and deference to the star player as option 1 on all offensive sets. Same at WY. For some, it really limits their productivity and their flow while on the floor. Nunn, and the rest of the team at times, seem to defer WAY too much to Parker when playing a top ranked team on TV.

I'm sure some of this is expectations from coaching staff, which makes players tentative...and once that sets in, it is hard to get into a flow.

We'll see by next season, but in AAU he has looked stellar.
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