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Sure, but there's the ideal world we want, then there's the real world we have. You have to plan and account for the real world. It doesn't mean your point isn't without merit. I'd prefer it weren't an issue, but it is whether we like it or not. Is it really all that important? Not really. The larger point here is the UI needs to be smarter about things like this.

This point was already addressed, but to reiterate, yes, it was only intended for Illini fans. But in this day and age things go viral in a matter of hours, even minutes and the image that we all interpret as one thing will be interpreted in an entirely different matter by those outside the intended target. Like it or not, that's the reality.

The DIA can defend their promotion all they want -- why would they admit a mistake? -- but it won't change the perception of the image by the outside world. It was a bad decision whether they want to admit it publicly or not. If they are not admitting to themselves internally that it probably was a poor choice then I'd have to question their judgment. Their job is marketing and publicity and public relations and protecting and enhancing the image of U of I athletics and in this particular case they failed. Again, whether we like it or not.

And to me it has nothing to do with PSU. I don't even care about PSU. It was just a bad choice in general, regardless of opponent.
That's your opinion that it was a bad decision. I vehemently disagree that the original ad was a bad decision and I think the DIA response was entirely appropriate.

You really think this has nothing to do with Penn State? This would be a non-issue if it were, say, Nebraska, and should be a non-issue even though it's PSU. I'm glad we're not cowering to the PC police on this.
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