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News & Notes - February 1st

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Illini not ready for Michigan State's effort in second half

"The first four minutes of the second half really changed the game," Abrams said. "We fought back after that, but we can't put ourselves in that position."

His coach, John Groce, agreed. And he warned his team what Michigan State would try to do.

"To Michigan State's credit, they amped it up," Groce said. "I knew they were gong to do that. The last thing I said before breaking our huddle to start the second half was, 'They are going to come at you hard in the second half. They're going to turn up the heat. Be ball-strong.'

"Obviously we were not able to do that."

Sparty 80, Illini 75: 'I didn't like our response'

"I thought they came out and punched us in the mouth. I didn't like our response," Illinois coach John Groce said of his team's start to the second half.

"I thought we didn't take care of the ball; they got us on the glass. I thought they were tougher in that stretch, and that was the difference in the game, period."

Marcus Jackson
I'm Good With That

Overall, it felt like the surprise win to get us back on track towards a tourney berth slipped away tonight. A win in this game would have erased that awful Northwestern loss, and then we'd just be looking through the schedule for something to replace the Purdue loss. Now, we pretty much have to win two of the next three (Wisconsin, Indiana, at Minnesota) or we’re officially dunzo.

Which, before the season, was about what we expected. But after Butler and Gonzaga and Ohio State, we all had high in the sky apple pie hopes. A #10 ranking and big-time recruits tweeting about our new, fun style of play.

Tay & J Show Real Illini Heroes Series-
* Mr. Tough and Gritty Point Guard from Maryland
* Mr. Ginger-Haired Engineering Student
* Mr. Probably Should Have Redshirted Freshman Year
* Mr. Local Kid Who Cheered On His Teammates
* Mr. Highly Ranked Recruit With Amazing Hair
* Mr. Yugoslavian Rebounding Guru
* Mr. Kept the Team From Losing Some Bad Games
* Mr. Guy That Every Other Team Hated
* Mr. Moderately Good JuCo Transfer
* Mr. Coolest Name in Illinois History
* Mr. Has A Dad Who's Globally Famous
* Mr. Slightly Awkward Tall Guy From Florida

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Slip sliding away, slip sliding away
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During the last couple of games, some of the seniors have had mental lapses that have destroyed Illinois’ chances to win. Let us hope that Groce can correct the problem but at this late stage in the senior’s career, it is highly unlikely.
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Have to agree whole-heartedly with ALionEye on this one...

That's a winner!
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Pretty hilarious quote from Fraschilla tonight, all things considered...

Fran Fraschilla ‏@franfraschilla
On way to Norman for K-State at OU. Bruce Weber, Lon Kruger and Bill Self my top 3 for Coach of Year. Funny how 1st place guy rarely wins.
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