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The Epitome Of Positionless Basketball

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This is a good article that uses the Golden State Warriors as a case study on the power of positionless basketball. With the right five players, the argument about size at the post is almost moot. Of course, no team--college or NBA--has the players the Warriors have, but this article captures the essence of where BU plans to take the Illini.

When the Warriors are playing five-out basketball, they have plus defenders at four of the five spots on the floor and versatile offensive players at all five. They are playing the maximum amount of speed on defense and they are playing in the maximum amount of space on offense. The dilemma it poses is two-fold - itís almost impossible to counter that style of basketball in the modern NBA and no one can play it as well as the Warriors can.
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Originally Posted by james81 View Post
Nice post.

I think a lot of us are excited to see how well he implements his system, because he's done so well with it at several stops now.

Getting the personnel to be elite, though, is an open question. I'd like to think that we'll get a NC at some point (yeah, I just said that). It takes a special team to be #1 in the country --we've tasted that, but we've had multiple pro-level players when we did so. Not sure if we have guys on our young team who will make it to the NBA, but there's no question that Underwood wants to recruit at the highest level, and develop guys to the highest level. Can't wait to find out what he can do.
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