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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Notre Dame

    Not sure which one is worse…. 🤬
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    11/15 Polls - Illinois #10 in AP Poll

    Meh. Let’s check the polls after the Marquette, Cincinnati and Arkansas games to see the national respect.
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    I’m hoping the freshmen play so well and force minutes. Run teams off the floor with the depth. That works for EVERYBODY!!!
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    Since he is the 13th guy on the projected Loyalty depth chart, I don’t think we will be asking for much from him. Assuming all of the freshmen will be fine and won’t flame out. I was stating that he has always provided decent minutes as a defender when asked and may be able to score. He knows...
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    LOADED team. 🤩 I see a rotation of 9, with very little drop-off other than Kofi when he sits. Sprinkle in the freshman. BBV and Lieb at the end of the bench? I like BBV and think he could produce solid minutes when he gets the chance.
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    House of 'Paign TBT

    What is the time/date of the first game?
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    Selection Sunday

    Grandison, Damonte, Ayo against Cade.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    Wieskamp is a really good player. As much as I dislike Iowa, I think they can make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. They can score and Garza is a load.
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    3/13 Games

    Get a good shot, if you miss it and foul and worst case you were still down only 3 and can still tie. Coach of the year my ....
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    3/13 Games

    I don’t understand that strategy, Michigan. You weren’t tied.
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    Bracketology (Week of March 8th)

    And Damonte is no slouch as a defender either... he has a big wingspan. Kofi inside is also a deterrent that most teams don't have.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Saturday, February 27th, 1:00pm CT, ESPN

    3 games in 5 days. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. It would be so fitting if the extra game we squeezed it gives us a 1/2 game lead and a BT Championship over ScuM at the end of the season.
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    2/21 Games

    Winning percentage isn’t important, I believe. It’s just difference in wins and losses. If we are +4 in wins and -3 in losses, then the title is for the Illini.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Tuesday, February 16th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    I think Illini will come out ready to play. All Coach BU needs to do is show them the first half of the first NU game a couple of times where they were down by 15 at halftime. Show them Northwestern is capable of beating this Illini team unless they come out ready to play. There are no...
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    2/14 Games

    Wisky was 1-13 from three in the second half. Make one or two extra three points and the game may have turned out differently. Didn't helps that Reuvers and Potter had 0 COMBINED rebounds. Wow...