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    Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

    It sure is. Less sadness and more the wistfulness/emptiness of missed opportunity for me. Dating myself, but reminds me of the feeling I had during the drive back from Ohio in 1988 after blowing the late lead vs Villanova in the second round, knowing that the team was capable of going much...
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Loyola Chicago, Sunday, March 21st, 11:10am CT, CBS

    Agree, they have a very good team and storyline. But so do we, and this is the sort of game against good competition with a contrasting style that true champions need to win. Considering that over the past three weeks alone, Illinois has won 7 games over NCAA teams, three on the road (over...
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    B1G Conference Title to be awarded based upon winning %

    Completely agree. Should be an easy call, given the circumstances (imbalance in number of games played, one team playing more at home than on the road, potential for alternative outcomes if full schedule was played, not to mention Covid) and one-off nature (unlikely to be repeated anytime soon...
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    Kofi Cockburn makes Top-5 for Naismith Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award

    It worked for me this morning, after having the same problem you had yesterday, so suspect the problem was on their end. Since fan voting factors into who wins the awards and both Ayo (Cousy PG of the year) and Kofi (Kareem center of the year) are in the final five for their position, we can...
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    NCAA Tournament Simulation

    Ed Horton certainly was a highly ranked recruit, winning Illinois Mr. Basketball (Lowell Hamilton finished second), but Illinois only had two available scholarships and Lou was targeting Lowell and Ben Wilson. An abundance of talent in the state that year and a good indication of the trajectory...
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2020)

    Went to see him play for the first time last month, but came away unsure. It was a hard game to assess him individually because his team was so outclassed by a more athletic opponent (future state champion Cannon, featuring Jaden Bradley, a top 10 soph PG who is the real deal, and other D1...
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    FBI College Basketball Corruption Investigation

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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (September 2017)

    Show me the cancelled check...