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    Week 15 Games

    O how I hate Ohio State
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    Contract extension, raise for AD Josh Whitman

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    Illinois Football Performance Center

    These are the most recent pics I've seen. May 2019.
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    Spring Practice Thread

    How is the Smith Football Center looking?
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    Alma Otter

    Just what our sports teams need - a cute cuddly mascot. No thanks.
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    Illinois Football Performance Center

    Notice the Butkus statue in front.
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    D1 Hockey at Illinois

    Illinois Fencing was a national power. National champs 1956 & 1958. Discontinued in 1993. Took fencing for Phys Ed when I was a freshman.
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    Illinois Football Performance Center

    We should forget the SEZ until we start getting better attendance. The performance center will hopefully help us get better recruits, more W's, and more people in MS.
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    Mascot for University of Illinois?

    Orange and Blue Bird!!
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    Rutgers 35, Illinois 24 POSTGAME

    I know I know. But I've been thru this so many times and it never works out long term. People say we just need that special coach. We've already had that special coach - unfortunately is was in the 1920's.
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    Rutgers 35, Illinois 24 POSTGAME

    What's really hard is watching Indiana get better, Purdue get better, now Rutgers get better, and we wallow around at the bottom. I know it's early in the process, but it gets really old. College football can be so much fun......
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    Illinois Football Performance Center

    Illinois Renaissance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Post This item is on the BOT agenda for their meeting 7/13-
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    Memorial Stadium Renovation

    "Makin love in the green grass behind the stadium-with you my browneyed girl."
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    Memorial Stadium Renovation

    Isn't there some concern about adding columns since that would dilute the significance of the original column dedications? I thought that was a factor in the 2007 renovation.