1/13 Games



Paducah, Ky
depud playing ' not to lose '...........recipe for disaster

lol......now they're playing to win .........recipe for success

The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC
That's a bad loss for #20 Seton Hall. DePaul REALLY REALLY tried to choke that one away, but thanks for the help.

The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC
Take care of business tomorrow and there's at least one team we will pass in the next rankings.
Thus far this week:
#24 Bama lost and is certainly out of the rankings.
#15 ISU lost to Kansas--it'll be close whether we move above them or not.
#17 Xavier lost to Nova--again, it'll be close.
One of #13 Wisky and #16 OSU is gonna have to lose, too. If it's OSU, there's certainly a chance we move above them, too.
OSU is getting absolutely hosed right now by the zebras. Apparently Johnny Davis cannot be breathed on. Wish Kofi got a fraction of that respect from the officials.

Also, Wisconsin is a clown program for that stupid ball they use for home games. I feel like I read about this a while back, but it’s a different brand and has different bounce due to how they inflate them.


Really like Key as a sophomore for OSU. Wish we could have done a package deal with he and AC.