1/13 Games



Paducah, Ky
I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm actively rooting for Iowa to beat Indiana. Only because it helps Illinois.

I need to soak my typing fingers in bleach now.
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Unless the team is near the basement, almost always root for the home team.

Tonight Wisconsin and Iowa (especially since both Indiana and Iowa can’t lose)


Peoria, IL in a van down by the river
UCLA may be the most undisciplined team I've seen this year, just some real bone headed plays with zero consequences from Cronin


The desert
Wow. That inbounds play by Oregon was truly Groce-like. Woof. Just handed UCLA a free ticket to overtime.


Peoria, IL in a van down by the river
Oregon just vomited up that lead. Woof. I also hate that they had two timeouts and didn't call one to set up a play. I get that it allows the defense to organize, but Oregon was playing in a daze and needed a second to regroup.
Worst part is that I have to listen to Walton for 5 more minutes of game time