11/11 Weekend Games



Southeastern US
Austin P and PU really hard to watch. AP hanging at the -12 level all game. Edey had half the PU points at half.

Edey gets swarmed at every rebound. I think we can wear him down.

Overall a sloppy game, typical of early season. AP should be down by 20+

Oh PU is 1 for 17 from 3. They were 0 for 16. The first made 3 evoked a sarcastic cheer from the home PU fans
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Close game with a few minutes left for the Zags/MSU game! Tune in while you wait!
Refs are allowing a very physical game

Learn flops are now class b tech. Does that mean it is a personal foul or it is just a free throw
I don't really care, but I guess FSU sucks. Lost to Stetson already and are now down 15 to UCF now.


Southeastern US
Purdue breaking away, Edey has 30 of 59. Other than that neither team could hit the broad side of Mackey Arena. Fall out of a boat and not hit water.

Edey looks like a skinny Kofi

Yawn, ready for the Illini.
26% FG percentage for MSU. That’s will be interesting if the outdoors affected it or if they are that bad at shooting


Eugene, Oregon
Carolina up by 7 with 3:32 left.
MSU blows the potential winning shot.
Neither of #1 or #2 look equal to their rankings…


Poor last play by MSU or was it good Gonzaga defense?

Neither team too impressive. Granted that it's early in the year.
Michigan losing at the half
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