2021-22 College Football Coaching Carousel



Houston, Texas
Apparently, Culley got caught in a power struggle between the GM and owner. So the head coach gets fired. Makes sense. Successful businessmen want to play with their expensive toy and think they know more than men with years in the NFL.
That hasn’t been reported down here. GM said that Culley wasn’t interested in “the suggested ways to improve the team”. The old “philosophical differences” thing. But no one down here is reporting on a power struggle.


Houston, Texas
A strange rumor on Twitter is that Lovie is in the running for the Texans Job. I wonder if Miles would be promoted. 😂
This I doubt. If the Bears don’t hire him first, I’d say Flores will be hired, Watson’s legal issues will be “settled”, and he’ll end up playing with the HC he wantEd to all along without having to move cities.

Although, stranger things have happened than hiring LS as the HC…
Illinois State is a major step down from P5. Shows unfortunately that Brad made a mistake in hiring him. Still I am glad Brad recognized the mistake and moved to correct it.

5-7 year 1 of rebuild is not bad. With some luck/less injuries we could have been 7-5.

We ranked 112th of 130 div 1 schools 330 yards per game. Get to average #65 would have increased it to 403 yards per game. We were 115th scoring 20 ppg. Getting to average 29 ppg and we beat UTSA, MD, Purdue and Rutgers. Bowling at 9-3. Thats crazy
$800k/year salary sounds low especially considering Hawaii has the highest cost of living of the 50 states. Avg house price= 1 mil+.
A good number of years ago, the head coach at the time had to use a video camera he won in a raffle for use by the football program. The school is not well endowed. Furthermore, look at the travel the kids and staff have to do. They go to the mainland and have to stay at least a long week and hit two away games before heading home to get the most out of their time and money.