2021 NFL Draft Thread

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Here's the NFL.com draft profile on Borom:

Borom's mobility will be judged relative to his position ask by NFL teams. While some teams might be tempted to try him at tackle first, he doesn't appear to have functional lateral movement for pass sets or as a run blocker. If a team can fix his hand placement and get him working inside opponents' frames, we could see a jump in his block sustain and push as a downhill, phone-booth blocker in a power scheme. He creates some movement as a down blocker and teams are usually willing to spend time developing bigger guards with experience at tackle on the collegiate level.

-Play experience at both tackle spots and at guard.
-Broad waist and thick chest.
-Able to match size on size in a phone booth.
-Size creates natural movement as down blocker.
-Has some knock-back pop at impact.
-Strong upper body shows up when his punch lands.
-Big body is hard to maneuver around.
-Impressive redirect power to press and collapse edge rusher.

-More mauler than controlled blocker.
-Slippery hands slide off his target.
-Doesn't spend enough time connected to his blocks.
-Lumbering lateral movement prohibits cut-off blocks.
-Too stiff-legged when blocking on the move.
-Unable to find proper range in pass sets as tackle.
-Inability to get feet set properly leads to inconsistent anchor.


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Were there no Wisconsin offensive linemen in this year's draft? It seems amazing to me that the first name I see attached to the Badgers is a defensive lineman.
Here's the NFL.com draft profile on Hobbs:

Athletic cornerback with excellent combination of size and speed for the NFL game. Hobbs has plenty of experience in Cover 3 and press-man techniques. His size and length can be a major factor in wrecking contested catches but he rarely locates the football when phasing downfield. From zone, his foot quickness and athletic ability stand out, but his route recognition and instincts need to improve. His tackle strength is a big plus in his favor, but his game took a step back in 2020, which was a little disappointing. There are enough traits and tools to warrant a Day 3 look.

-Hits the NFL marks for size, speed and quickness.
-40.5-inch vertical leap tracks with his high school high jump background.
-Short choppy steps provide controlled movements underneath.
-Very athletic with good feet.
-Bursts into the route breaks from top of his drop.
-Possesses stop-start talent to change direction with route.
-Size and strength are natural irritants at the catch point.
-Quick wrap-and-finish after the catch.
-Has moments with downhill run support into the backfield.

-Inconsistent approach in run support.
-Needs to be quicker to read and challenge blockers.
-Tries to read receiver rather than turning to locate football.
-Sluggish getting back on track when route crosses his face.
-Had a very poor outing against Purdue.
-Allowed top positioning to get away from him in 2020.
-Doesn't take optimal playmaking angles to play the ball.
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