2022 NFL Draft Thread

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Here is the NFL.com draft analysis on Robinson:

Draft Projection
Rounds 3-4

NFL Comparison
Whitney Mercilus

Wideout turned quarterback hunter with the bricks and mortar needed to build an impactful career as a 3-4 outside linebacker or 4-3 rush end. Robinson frequently flashes despite his relative inexperience at the position. He's quick off the snap, using plus fluidity, athleticism and bend to trim the edge and assail the pocket. However, he needs additional moves and counters before he's ready to beat pro tackles. He must get stronger and more technically sound in run support. Aligning as a stand-up rush linebacker might help expand his range as a playmaker in space. Robinson projects as an unpolished gem with a high ceiling and stable floor.

-Former wideout with explosive athleticism off the edge.
-Play is more natural than expected given his experience.
-Races out of stance with immediate upfield threat.
-Unveiled effective two-hand swipe against Central Michigan.
-Sudden change of direction torments less athletic pass-setters.
-Bends, flattens and bursts to snare the sack.
-Fluid in space to hound scramblers or cover tight ends.
-Hard for blockers to keep him centered up and sustained.
-Covers serious ground and rallies to the football versus the run.
-Knifes through B-gap to disrupt play flow on slants.
-Can halt run play with unblocked, backside crash.

-NFL competition could stall scheduled growth along the edge.
-Must learn to stack blocks and maintain run fits.
-Leans way out past his feet and into blocks.
-Downhill rushing attacks will be an early challenge for him.
-Doesn't use hands early on in his rush to open pathways.
-Limited go-to moves and counters at this stage.
-Continues to race beyond the quarterback's drop depth.
-Lacks broad base to play through strong punch.
Here's the NFL.com draft analysis on Thomas:

Draft Projection
Rounds 5-6

Tackle-to-guard prospect with run-blocking talent to work with, Thomas is a fit for zone-scheme teams as a sticky move blocker with the ability to shift and stay connected while continuing to keep his feet moving. He lacks the desired mass and power to generate much downhill push, but improved hand placement could help. His play strength, in general, needs an upgrade, as does his protection posture, to prevent defenders from exploiting certain flaws. Thomas has late-round potential and could find a place on an NFL roster as a guard with emergency tackle flexibility.

-Broad across his upper body, with room for more muscle.
-Comes off the snap with excellent pad level.
-Stays low and fits into blocks with leverage.
-Engages and runs feet through the whistle.
-Athleticism and body control to stay connected to the block.
-Active feet to mirror the rush.
-Feints punch to create a reaction.
-Brings feet with him through protection redirection.

-Lacks explosiveness into contact.
-Doesn't generate much pop getting into down blocks.
-Hand placement can get away from him.
-Needs to do a better job of resetting hands when he gets behind.
-Plays with lunge when climbing up to linebackers.
-Punch gets timed and swatted by defenders.
-Needs to maintain a flat-back protection posture.
-More rigid punch to firm up edges is required.
Here's the NFL.com draft analysis on Ebner:

Draft Projection
Round 6-Priority free agent

NFL Comparison
Tony Pollard (as a pass catcher)

Swiss Army Knife with size, speed and versatility to potentially help in three different phases for a team. Ebner is a former all-state prep receiver whose mismatch potential out of the backfield should rank as his most endearing play trait. He's been a productive kick returner with open-field vision and build-up speed to hit big plays. Despite his size, he's underwhelming as a runner and struggles to play with consistent decisiveness and aggression in that role. He fits as a future third-down back who can run an expanded route tree and attack vertically when the mismatch aligns for him.

-Enticing blend of size and versatility.
-Runs, catches and returns both kicks and punts.
-Size to be a load for tacklers when he's amped up.
-Dangerous weapon to mismatch linebackers out of backfield.
-Posted 11 receiving touchdowns during Baylor career.
-Legitimate route runner with good quickness out of breaks.
-Top-end speed can take him to the house after the catch.
-Three career kick-return touchdowns.
-Open-field vision creates opportunities in return game.

-Indecisive without a clear point of entry.
-Hip tightness slows cuts and turns.
-Needs additional steps to hit his zone cut downhill.
-Unable to make sudden lateral slides to elude.
-Gets what is blocked and lacks creativity.
-Pace and burst are a little bit listless.
-Tends to be a passive finisher between the tackles.
-Needs technique upgrade to block on third downs in the NFL.
Here is the NFL.com draft analysis on Doug Kramer:

A five-year starter, Kramer is a zone-scheme center who moves fairly well but lacks the body control and core strength to win battles against NFL interior linemen.

-Five seasons of starting experience.
-Makes all the calls up front.
-Hustle and tenacity in getting to reach-block angles.
-Keeps running feet through contact.
-Good recognition of pre-snap pressure points.
-Slide quickness to redirect to back-side blitz.

-Undersized and lacks length.
-Will only play one position.
-Missing true connect-and-sustain power at point of attack.
-Balance through contact is ragged.
-Leans and oversets in pass pro.
-Power rushers charge right through his edges.
Here's the NFL.com draft analysis on Carter:

Draft Projection
Round 7-Priority free agent

Offensive line prospect with the frame, strength and grit to make a go of it moving from tackle to guard. Carter displays some technical savvy in certain areas, but needs much more work to get to where he needs to go. He lacks explosiveness and tends to lean on his ability to maul as a run blocker. If he can get his hands and pad level locked in, he'll have a shot to become an NFL backup.

-Frame and upper-body strength for transition to guard.
-Adequate length with big paws.
-Brings feet with him to stabilize engagement.
-Good effort to try to stay connected with his block.
-Latch-and-secure hand strength.
-Flashes mirror quickness to slide and protect rush gaps.
-Can pass protect with independent hands.
-Show-and-go hands can draw premature responses by rusher.

-Lacks explosive kick into initial contact.
-Pad level gets away from him almost immediately.
-Tardy out of his stance for outside-zone success.
-Not very athletic or fluid getting to blocks in space.
-Needs to work on hand placement in protection.
-Gets out over his toes in punch mode.
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