3/17 Games

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on the replay, rebounder was fouled by 2 different players - puts them at line for FTs to win. instead refs give X the win
Kennesaw State:

KSU looked like Weber took over coaching the final 5.

Would have loved to see them pull that off.

Ransom Stoddard

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KSU got jobbed in the last 30 seconds. Tough to watch, but they proved they belong.


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Man, these announcers are really hesitant to say that the refs might have erred.

I didn't think Kennesaw St. fouled with 12 seconds left, either. Thought it looked like the Kennesaw St. player hit the ball on the replay, but the announcers say, "When you swipe down like that, you're going to get that call."

That being said, Kennesaw St. still blew it.
an observation - in the games yesterday/today, other than MD-WVU, I haven't seen any teams play defense non-stop with their hands


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I'm guessing there isn't someone on the Iowa State bench saying "wait for it...wait for it..."


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Iona and UConn have more points at halftime than Pitt and Iowa State have with 5 minutes left in the game.
I really thought that Iona was going to pull the upset, especially after that first half. Laid an egg in the second.


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Purdue has their hands full with FDU. Without Edey they’d be getting blown out
Even with Edey they are down 1 at halftime. PU has 8 turnovers and is shooting 18% from three. Upset alert??
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