3/17 Games

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Didn’t watch FDU’s play in game but afterwards when I looked at their roster and saw 2 of their best scorers were 5’8 guards, I was wondering if they would be Purdue’s kryptonite.

As bad as yesterday was I’m so glad we aren’t playing FDU!

Canyon still clinging to lead - and zags score 5 in about 30 seconds
PU is TO-city. on last rebound, numerous pushes not called against FDU ... PU is bundle of nervousness - every minute that goes by mean it just takes a few lucky bounces and shots for FDU to pull it off
I should know not to pick purdue in my bracket ever! Sheesh.
Am I the only one who saw that hook and hold on FDU
no - FDU reached back and hooked. FDU is getting away with a ton of fouls on any attempt to go inside as well as pursuit of rebounds - it is the St Peters strategy to T
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