3/17 Games

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While I get what you're coming from, it does open a bit of a Pandora's Box for what can be reviewed if you allow that to be added on.
Not all fouls. Just on OOB plays. We see all the time where player B swipes, ball goes OOB, refs award to player A. Then they review and it turns out player B got all arm and no ball, and gets rewarded the ball for that.
FDU is playing hard. They seem to be getting the benefit on foul calls. FDU can mug Purdue players who drive, or grab a rebound. Purdue players can't do 1/2 as much back. Edey is getting the Kofi treatment. No blood, no foul. That combined with Purdue going cold from the outside may see Purdue take the early exit.
Purdue tries to foul to stop the clock and the refs won't call it.
FDU charged into a clearly stationary player (the replay shows them set for over a second), no call.

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