3/18 Games

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Southern Illinois
If MD loses to Bama, B1G will go 0-3 today (0-4 if you count scUM). Indiana plays Houston and MSU plays Marquette tomorrow.


Alabama really looking good and athletic. Their players look so much taller than Maryland's.
With all due respect to how tough the Big Ten played in games, we're down to only two teams that could potentially make it to the second week of the tournament. Three straight years of too many teams and too many losses.
Wow....David Singleton of UCLA buries a 3 that likely wins the game....then almost breaks his ankle a minute later and the stretcher is brought out for him....but he was helped away by two other guys. Can't imagine he will play anymore this season. Lots of injuries for a very good Bruin team...but they will always be tough with Tiger and Jaime healthy. If I were putting a team together and could choose anybody I wanted from the college ranks, I would start with those two. Throw in Eddy and TJD to rotate at center, and you and I could play the other two spots and just stand at the other end and win it all. Fill out that roster with any 5 guys you like and no one beats us.
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Sad Ncaa Basketball GIF by NCAA March Madness
This always brings joy to my Illini heart!
If you look at the three years before Illinois lost to Loyola, the btt champ went to the sweet sixteen, national championship, and final four. The tournament champ has at least 3, maybe 4 full days of rest before their first ncaa game. Small sample sizes are small.
Touche! By tired, I meant mentally tired. With equal talent, it seems that inner motivation is the difference in these games. It is difficult to find that extra motivation on an every-day basis. Thanks for the response.

Interesting take from MD coach

1 There has been huge inconsistency between games on what is a foul

2 Do you think a players foul situation affect how they call the game. If a player could get hypothetically 8 fouls a game would refs call more fouls. Basketball is unique that a star player could sit most of the game due to penalties

3 if ref change how they call because of the player/foul situation then you probably would think in the end of game refs would not blow the whistle
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