3/20 Games

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Bama seems to struggle in the first half then go crazy in the second. You might see Iona hanging with them for a while.
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Michigan really not impressing during second half of TSU game. Noted this comment on MGoBlog site, which is less-than-enthusiastic across the board about their performance:

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Miles Norris for UCSB is who I hope Coleman Hawkins becomes. 6'10 Jr who can bring the ball up and shoots almost 40% from 3. Was previously at 4*, top 75 commitment for Oregon
It was right there for UCSB, but they just couldn’t execute at either end last 20 seconds. Oh well, onto the next ...

Let’s Go ‘Lopes! 😝

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Iona Alabama pretty much a pickup game on the blacktop
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would like to see Alabama go down. didn't want to see Iona as a 16 seed
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Something that made me go "HMMMMM....". Iona has 1 tourney win in 1980, but it was vacated. However, KU, AZ, UCLA, etc have known violations, how many vacated victories.....? I think UM may be the highest (purple blood) to have stuff vacated in NCAA BBall. Am I missing something?
Not looking good early for Grand Canyon, but would love to see them make this a game not just because they are playing Iowa but for all their fans who flew in from Arizona for this
Barkley was not kidding. I would be mad as hell if they put me in clown pants or wear something Iowa related. I would go Jim Everett on someone.
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