3/25 Weekend Games

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Austin, TX
Texas... Miami... So many careers hanging in the balance of what happens in the last 30 seconds of a basketball game. Destinies changed and future time-lines altered. Forever.

San Diego... Florida... and Florida again. The South is Rising. Will we get an All-South Florida Finals? Maybe even Trent is smiling over that prospect.

Final Four. Owls. Huskies. Aztecs. Hurricanes. Only one place to place this thing now. Build a court in the hinterlands outside Mexico City and hope that bad weather doesn’t come in and scare the Critters away.

The locked trophy case that used to be the sole property of a handful of Blue Bloods has been cracked wide open. Lots of new guys get a chance for that big shiny thing.

And new destinies ahead will again be written.
I hope UCONN loses so one of the other schools can get a trophy.
March sadness
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