3/4 Games

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The one positive is that if Michigan trounces MSU twice and has a decent BTT run, it makes Illinois' win over them look that much more impressive.

Why do I have the feeling that thug ball will be back at the Breslin Center on Sunday, though, and MSU will somehow pull off the win?
The officials have been given the game plan for Sunday., I hope Mich wins and MSU loses next Thursday. If they get in with that record, the committee needs to have their bank accounts looked at for big deposits
TCU giving WVU a ballgame. Lots of people forget that TCU beat Ok State twice this year.
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I see mandy Mc thug is playing now for the prickans...screw him and marble and Bingham and etc
Ezzo sucks.....
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Aaaand now they're celebrating their B10 championship despite having one less win than us 🙄
But they win because it's based on percentage. I hope we win the B10 tournament or NCAA tournament by beating them badly again.
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