3/4 Games

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UTEP had a guy wide open under the rim and missed him with a chance to go up 2. Kansas scores a easy bucket. UTEP turnover. Kansas now shooting free throws up 2 with 17 seconds
Things could be worse than what happened to Ayo.

Collin Gillespie hurt his knee and is likely done.

Cade Cunningham was helped off with an ankle injury.
Illini now locked into two seed for BTT next week. First game will be Friday at 5:30 PM CT on BTN. Based on the current standings, they would face the Maryland/Indiana winner in that game.
Would like to see the Illini get revenge on Maryland. Would not be crazy about having to play Indiana in Indianapolis
Man was that celebration by Michigan cringe worthy. Almost felt like they thought they played a full 20 game slate and didn't just get waxed by 20 two days earlier.
I thought so too. The confetti, making angels in it, holding up a championship sign was way over the top.
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