Adam Miller transfers to LSU

Can we finally close this thread? Asking for a friend.

Big Tim is an idiot and not a person to be taken seriously. Think about this: he states AM was told he could create his shot more and not be a spot shooter.

Wellllllll, how many times do we all remember AM getting wide open looks from 3 and taking them? He could just as easily have faked, let his guy fly past and taken the ball to the rim. AM’s role was what AM determined it to be. Plain and simple. And when he was missing shots, BU was still green lighting him.

I’m not an insider and I don’t know why AM is transferring (potentially). It really doesn’t matter. I wish the kid the best of luck if he leaves and wish him the best of luck if he stays. But, to say he’s transferring because the coaching staff is making him be a player he doesn’t want to be is laughably naive.

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Unfortunately, I'll always think of Adam Miller and Alex Legion in similar terms. I love what both did for us on the floor, but other than that...bye.
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I continually have the need to make sure all messages are read in all threads. I might have a condition. 😂
Honestly, same. I don't like having that bright, bold blue. Makes me feel like I'm missing out on something.

I just hate to break it to you that this isn't likely to die this week, no more than three Chicken Little-ing in the Coaching Carousel thread. Hopefully next week 😉
Adam Miller might have earned the respect I have for Andre Feliz, Derek Harper, or Cory Bradford to name a few...but he is a Chicago guy...he plays tough, but as the anti- Ayo he now is slightly above IDKWTI, Jamar Smith and slightly below Alex Legion and Jereme Richmond in my Illini pecking order...pretty close to Mark Smith, the craptastic whiny one, not Eddie Johnsons stud running it goes...I...L...L...