Arkansas 73, Illinois 63 Postgame

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Shut It Down Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

Shut it down. We will be better next year. I believe this. I really really do.
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Well, I didn't want to put this out there before the game but I really didn't see us winning today. The past month has revealed our true colors. We're an average team so today's result is totally unsurprising.

We heard for 11 or 12 months that this team was built for March. Turns out it was built for November and November only. This season is a failure on BU to bring these separate talents together and it's a failure on the players to put their individual goals aside for the good of the team.

I'm not saying BU should be on the hot seat. Everyone has failures. They dont define you. But you have to learn from them. And I'm hopeful that BU will and we'll be better next year.

Back to the basics for Brad--recruit high character freshman who will stay 3+ years. If your success rests on 1 year transfers being your best players you're not winning anything. And if you're planning on internal players who have never been that guy to be that guy you're not winning anything.

On to next year.
That game had a little bit of everything wrong with this season:
-Too many 3s.
-Bad first half.
-Mayer trying to do too much.
-Hawk TOs.
-Missing FTs.
But I liked this group of guys more than most for some reason. Hoping not too many of them will enter the portal/graduate...
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