Arkansas 73, Illinois 63 Postgame

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Day late and a buck short. Would've been nice to see how this might have ended had our 'leaders' not chosen to take a couple of minutes off there in the middle of the second half.

I absolutely think that Underwood is still the guy for this job and most of the complaints that will be lodged against him in this thread will be bogus, but maybe bending over backwards for Mayer wasn't a good idea? I get why he did it, but it's been looking like a worse and worse decision every game down the stretch.
That's my gripe w/ Brad this year--if someone isn't running the offense they need to sit, no matter how high our expectations were. I suspect that Brad thought these guys would play through it and step up, but that's not what happened. Still, it was a fun season and even some of the losses were great games (although some weren't).



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I’m just exhausted from this season. It was exhausting. The highs were enormous but much too infrequent. The lows came almost every game. I like a lot of these guys, especially the ones coming back. Hope CH stays too. Can’t wait to get Amani and Dravyn.

Looking forward to posting incessantly with you guys this off-season, and looking forward to football season.

As always; ILL!



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Just the story of a disappointing game and a disappointing team/season. So much talent but never came together and played as a team for more than a few minutes at a time.

Most disappointing/frustrating part of this particular game was the fact that it was a sloppy game on both sides, and completely winnable. A lack of focus and discipline and we just never seemed to come out of the locker room. Could have easily walked away winners if we had just executed a tiny bit more. Went away from the few things that worked when they did.

Season could have been a lot worse, for sure. But also could have been a lot better had we done some of the more simple things. The talent was there. The wins just weren’t.

Signed, a disappointed fan.

But, still, an Illini fan forever. Here’s to next year! 😇
Goal now is to keep as much of the roster together as possible. All 3 frosh have showed something. Luke is a solid piece. RJ snapped out of his funk and showed what he can do, although he may always be a robin (vs Batman) type player, which is fine you need robins. Dain had some great moments. Think both of our incoming frosh have the potential to move the needle.

We get some shooting and ball handling in the portal and we should be a better, more complete team.

Frustrating, I thought this team was built for march. But today was a microcosm of the whole season. Even in UCLA and Texas wins we were a hot mess. Just never able to help as a team. Oh well. Still made the tourney. Will see what happens this off season.
Can you make me believe this is GOOD news…
Because, honestly, I very sincerely believe a core of Melendez, Goode, Hawkins (he’s GOT to chill) and this year’s freshmen would win more games than this year’s team. It’s actually not even a debate in my head. I hope whatever portal additions we add are more like Plummer and less like Shannon, even though I love TSJ. We need our “go-to guy” to be a recruit who’s been on campus since he’s a freshman. We need our transfer to plug holes like “guy who can hit a 3” or “guy who can play backup PG.”
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