Ayo Dosunmu declares for the NBA Draft

Hope he finds a great situation and goes high enough to score a great financial deal for himself and his family. Appreciate him picking the home state school and representing it as well as anyone ever has/will. Class individual from a class family as far as I have seen in his 3 years at Illinois.
Any word on when they'll put his Jersey up in the rafters? My guess would be the first B10 conference game of the season next year (or the first one that Ayo can attend if his NBA schedule conflicts).
Good for Ayo!

He seems like he is good person, in addition to his basketball skills.
The Great Northwest
I wish he could come play in Seattle!
Congratulations, Ayo
Great interview, well spoken, well represented. His headiness, professionalism, and hard work really came through during that interview. His hunger and passion for the game and winning is a true asset. Ayo, I wish you all the best and thanks for representing the school, fanbase, and state with such poise and respect! We know you'll always be an Illini through and through!
Winged Warrior
Got my call in to Cubes!! Make it happen!! Illini-Mavs guard tradition continues!!
Pretty cool that he did it on The Jump. Do many players do that? Even on his way out the door, doing everything he can to put the Illinois name out there. Has been and I imagine always will be an awesome ambassador for the program. I'm looking forward to having somebody to really, truly root for in the NBA.
Can’t say I really watch The Jump much, so that is what I was wondering. Great to have a kid going early, but announcing on ESPN has to reach recruits even more. Good luck Ayo. And thank you.
Looks like I'll be watching a lot more NBA than I have in years. Good luck to you Ayo!
I give Ayo and his time at Illinois 5 beach houses out of 5, knowing full well he will soon be able to afford many more beach houses.

I really want him to get picked up by the Pacers, so I can go to as many games as possible.
When Dee, Deron, and Rev played for Utah, I went to a preseason game in Indianapolis and got an Illinois ballcap autographed by all three. I hope to get an autograph from Ayo.