Ayo Dosunmu declares for the NBA Draft

Go get a paycheck young man! You deserve it and we will always remember your contribution and dedication to this university!
Love that he's announcing in a suit! Who else would be doing that these days? I hope he's in person at the draft so we can see him swagged up and trying to put a hat on again.

All the best to you Ayo, and thank you for all you have done for us.
they are projecting him #22. You think he could help his draft status staying another year?
Naw, at his age and level of development I'd imagine NBA teams would rather take further development into their own hands. Hebalreqdy showed a lot of what they wanted from him last time. In an NBA scouts estimation, another year in college will likely just mean diminution of his potential (whether that's fair or not, I don't know)
Really enjoyed having Ayo as an Illini. Thankful that he decided to come back for another year. Hope that he gets the best situation to thrive at the next level!
Thank you for being a part of Illini Nation.
Good luck.
they are projecting him #22. You think he could help his draft status staying another year?

No. There’s a imaginary and variable fine line in the nba around age/development.

A 21 year old Ayo is more valuable than a 22 year old Ayo. The older you get, the more of a finished product they view you as. You become a projected lower ceiling player. You can still be good and consistent, and you can still get better, but the chances you jump to a superstar, franchise player, is much lower.

Think Taj Gibson whom the bulls drafted in the 20s. He has had a very solid nba career and has been a large part of some very good teams. He was 24 when he was drafted, and once he got consistent nba minutes and got into the flow of the league, he has been pretty much the same player his entire career.

Edit: had an extra s on as by accident and got the !!!