Bobby Roundtree passes away at 23 years old

This is so sad, what happened? I know following his sm he posted about how none of his friends called him anymore. Idk this is heartbreaking
Truly sickening.

I just posted a little while ago that I hoped Bobby could somehow make it to Illini games. Now this.

Don't know what to say, except I pray for him still and his family.
Same... Damn lie is very, very hard and I struggle sometimes to understand God's wisdom but he is no longer in pain and has gone on to his final home.
I don't see a cause 🥺 as many have said previous I thought he was improving.

N-G article says his mom was with him when he stopped breathing. She called 911 and they couldn’t revive him.

Horribly, awful sad news.
the ole ball coach
rest in peace, bro.
You're in heaven now, and everything is perfect there.
There is no sadness, and everyone smiles and laughs forever . You can walk with the saints now
'Unfair' is what first comes to mind. Give 97 a permanent locker.

RIP, Bobby.

Omg! This is a tragedy! He was just showing video of himself standing up a couple days ago! Lord bless his family and may you rest in peace Mr. BOBBY ROUNDTREE! 😪🙏🏽 I-L-L 4 EVER! You were such a blessing and inspired so many! Blessed to have gotten to see you and witness your love and kindness! Gone way too soon! Another angel gone home! Blessings 🙌 🔶️🔷️🔶️🔷️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😪😪😪